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Revelation 12:11 says that the saints overcame the power of evil with the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. 

God is always near!

My testimony is of the undeniable proof God gave me that He loves me. I was at Stiglmeier park while my sister was taking pictures for me for my job. We would go a little ways, and take some pictures. And we did that for maybe a half hour. Then we were stopped, taking pictures, and we both realized that in most of the trees surrounding us, there were cardinals. She began capturing them, and I did on my iPhone, and we savored that moment for a while. We would walk a little bit and they would follow. It was such a blessing to my soul. And the part that really brought it home for me, was when she said, “You know why cardinals are one of my favorite birds? Because some people believe that it means your guardian angel is near.” For me this was so significant to me, because not only has God brought my attention to the angels around me. But for years, I'd gain revelation of them protecting me, and surrounding me. But 3 days before, on that Sunday, I received a prophetic word from a lady at church. The word was, as I was playing my violin during worship, it looked like I was hugging someone. An angel, she said. And as I kneeled down, during that worship set, the angel was in the corner worshiping over me. I love how God was so simple in his message to me. There was no way to twist it into anything else. All he was saying to me, with the cardinals in the trees, was that He loves me. All I had to do was receive.

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