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Our Pastors

Justin Collins

Senior Pastor

Jessica Collins

Senior Pastor

Katie Puscheck

Worship Pastor/Sozo Ministry

Jessica has been married for 22 years and has 2 amazing young adult children, Judah and Eleanor. She grew up in Toronto and has lived and studied at 2 revival centers, Catch the Fire in Toronto and Bethel Church in Redding, CA in addition to her training at Elim Bible Institute.  Today, she and her husband live in North Tonawanda, NY where they pastor Vanguard Church, an apostolic center, building a community of passionate people who carry the Presence of God, healing, and equipping in spiritual gifts. Their mission is to see the Body of Christ reveal the glory of God, through releasing His goodness, love, and supernatural power so that all may come to know our wonderful Savior and Creator. They have seen countless lives transformed and miracles happen as they traveled the world bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Presence, love, and power of God, to thousands in Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Katie grew up as a pastor’s kid and was a part of Vanguard Church from its
start in 1981. She has been a musician and singer since she was in first grade. Part of her adult training included studying vocal performance at ORU and receiving private lessons in pop music from professionals in CA and GA. She has many encounters with the Holy Spirit and enjoys experiencing His
Presence in different ways. Her most common saying is “I feel Presence!!” Equally as satisfying is leading others into His glorious presence and love. Becoming a worship pastor and leading Bethel Sozo
Ministry for New York and Connecticut, is a natural extension of her history with the Lord. Besides the great joys of Jesus and pastoral ministry, she is crazy about her family. She has been married to John for 32 years. She has three sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.

Our Elders

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Marian Stilwell


Zack Wisnieski


Rob & Hadassa Bachellor


John & Katie Puscheck


Zack is a born and raised Western New Yorker. He attended a Christian primary school and remembers believing in Jesus from a very early age, learning all the Bible stories and growing up in what today is Vanguard Church.  He remembers having an encounter with God when he was 18 years old which changed the direction of his life and ended up receiving a calling from God to go to Elim Bible institute.  This encounter is what set his heart on fire for revival and to see cities turn to God as they did in the days of Charles Finney. His passion is for the presence of God, for His family; His wife Sarah and 5 children Isaac, Jacob, Eliana, Elijah and Aria. And that every man woman and child would have an amazing encounter with the never failing , always transformative , most powerful force in the universe the love of God. He and his family reside in North Tonawanda for the last 16 years. He also runs his own residential painting business. He is a staunch supporter of his local teams the Bills and Sabres.

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