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Healed After Open Heavens Service

Thursday morning I woke up with a bit of an itchy throat but didn’t think anything of it. Towards the end of my shift it seemed as though all of the sickness came to me all at once. I felt pressure all around my head causing every noise and light to be bothersome. I was feeling extremely weak. My entire body began to ache to the point where it hurt to make any kind of movements. The aching was even more intense in my legs. I had chills throughout my body. I felt as though I was burning. My neck was aching to the point where I could barely turn my head. My throat felt as though something was lodged and became even more itchy. No amount of water was relieving the itchiness which led into coughing so much. I decided Friday morning that I was going to attend Open Heavens expecting that I may get healed. As 4:30pm rolled around I began to feel guilty in attending with the fear of getting others sick and decided it may be best not to go. About 6:22pm I got to church immediately regretting it because I was simply uncomfortable all around. I pressed in and just trusted the Lord in the midst of physical pain.

Mid-service we took communion and I spoke to God in my head, as I held the wafer and the juice in front of my face, I said “I eat this bread and juice that symbolizes your body and blood. I believe you will heal my body and make me whole again” and immediately everything that I was feeling was reduced to almost nonexistent! Then I heard the Lord say to me “You will wake up completely healed”. I said “Ok Lord, I trust your word for me”. I began to pour out my gratitude during worship. The very next morning, I dreamt myself waking up testing out my body for the healing that was promised. From that, I woke up from my sleep, jumped out of bed testing my body and began to scream “I’m completely healed”. The sickness lasted only a day and a half which is a miracle!

I’m the kind of person when I get sick, it usually last several weeks!”

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