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Deliverance From Alcohol Abuse and More

A guy (Angel) was standing outside of Tim Hortons, looking like he was begging for money and or food.  Charlie brought him in, got everything he asked for.  Charlie told him to sit and eat, that's when we began witnessing to him. He admitted to needing deliverance from alcohol abuse and negative people in his life.  I laid hands and he started shaking and stated he's never felt that before.  Then we found out he's never given his life to the Lord.  Charlie walked him through it and again I laid hands and he was getting touched by fire once more.  We prayed for sickness to leave his body, gave him a new bilingual Bible also, he said he had a tiny one but I said you need a bigger one.  He didn't have anything to carry it in the rain, so we gave him a backpack that was in the van. I explained to him how to read the gospels first and go as slow as he needed each day, even if it was only a few verses.  After that he went back outside for a while, then left the building.
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