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R-LIFE (Small Group)
We have many small groups that meet throughout Niagara and Erie County.

Small groups give adults the opportunity to create a community within our church, be supported, prayed for

and have a sense of belonging.

For more information, how to join or become a leader/host, please email us at: 

Y.E.S. (Young Adult)

Vanguard Young Adults age 18 – 30.

We meet at 6:30pm every other Wednesday for a Group night.

We also gather for workshops, bible studies, social events and more...


Below are key components that drive our time together!

  • An Unrestricted Yes to The Lord - Living for His glory alone. Seeking His Presence. Unashamed to share the Gospel.

  • Immersion in the Word -Friendly learning environment, centered on growth in the scripture. Q & A style of bible study with ministry time woven in

  • Worship and Intercession - Worship from the place of freedom. We also intercede for each other, the church, our nation and the nations

  • Intentional Pursuit of Relationships - We are looking to assign each leader with people (3-4 max) that they can be in contact with throughout the week. Having 1-on-1’s with them building relationship.

  • Pursuit of Purity for Single People - We will intentionally seek to have a healthy culture for single folks.

  • Culture of Healthy Eating and Fitness - All meals that we eat together will be wholesome and nutritional. Nothing processed as we endeavor to steward the call to treat our bodies as The Temple of the Lord.


For more information, please email Carissa at: 

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