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Trusting the Lord

The enemy was hard at work in the last few months of 2022, trying to block the Lord's blessing and provision in our family and business. Our business and finances really felt those blows.. Business was very sporadic to truly sustain us. We were running out of ALL resources fast! Crawling further into a debt and all our savings being depleted. January 1st, we used the very last of what we had to pay our rent and fill our fridge. We feared for how we would feed our family after that. Things were so hard, and there were too many tears shed and sleepless nights to even count. Not knowing what to do, we just leaned in more and continued to trust the words spoken over us and our business. We listened to so many prophetic words (many prophesying 2023 to be the year of promises fulfilled) and were encouraged more and more with thanksgiving and just continued to worship and believe and continue to do so. Since RAMP 2023, things have been lining up as He has spoken and I am filled with such joy again! We are being flooded with calls, estimates, and jobs. We have been scheduling a couple weeks out! We have even began a partnership with a local granite shop, and are sub-contacting for a couple more local companies! I am so beyond overjoyed! We just continue to trust in Him every step of the way! Glory to God, He is so faithful!!
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