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Step Out In Faith And He Will Show Up!

I felt the Lord calling me to go to a revival meeting in another state, the problem was I didn't have the money or time to travel there. Day after day I could not shake that urging in my spirit to be present at that particular meeting. Finally after 4-5 days I decided I had to pursue it. I called the pastor where the service was being held and asked him to share about what the Lord was doing. As he spoke God fell on me despite the miles that separated us. I began weeping and shaking. This was all the confirmation I needed to know God was on me going. I asked him if I could stay with someone and humbly shared my limited finances and need for help if possible to have a ride as well to avoid a rental car. He said he would reach out to people and get back to me. Sure enough, he not only had a host home, a ride, and meals for me, but they also gave money without knowing who needed it! The pastor wanted to give me a check for $1800 to cover the airfare and anything else needed! Like the loaves and the fishes, God provided more than what I needed with lots to spare! The meeting was so powerful and I received healing, fresh strength, and impartation for the next season. God is so faithful to take care of us. When He speaks to do something, regardless of how your situation looks, just obey and He will take care of the rest!
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