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Equipping Intensives Once a month open to anyone. These intensives will focus on equipping and activating people in the supernatural power God has given through the Holy Spirit.

Cost: $75 each Intensive 
Books & Materials are NOT Included

Starting Saturday, September 17-18 2021,  We will have Supernatural Living Intensives once a month OPEN TO EVERYONE.  Most will be on a Saturday from 8:30am-4pm.  Occasionally Friday will also be included as well depending on the topic.  These intensives will focus on equipping and activating people in the supernatural power God has given through the Holy Spirit.  A delicious catered Lunch will be included in these prices.  Books and material are not included in these prices because they will differ each time.


Prophetic Training & Prophetic Painting

Friday, September 17th  (9am-9pm)

Saturday, September 18, 2021 (9am-9pm)

Are you curious or wanting to learn more about the prophetic? Do you want to be activated in the prophetic? The gift of prophecy is not reserved for a super spiritual, elite group of Christians. Scripture promised that in the last days, the Holy Spirit would be poured out and the people of God would prophesy.  Learn how to hear God more clearly and be activated to prophesy over others.  Also, learn how to see pictures God is showing you and paint them.  You don't need to be an artist, just trust Holy Spirit to guide you!  Wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on. All supplies will be provided.

Understanding & Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Saturday, October 16, 2021 (9am-9pm) 

God’s plan for you is that the gifts He has given you become evident in every area of your life. In this training the power and authority of the Holy Spirit will be activated in your everyday walk with God. You will discover how you can: understand the gifts of the Spirit, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, know God’s heart in every spiritual matter and be miraculously used by God.  As we study the book of Acts, you will apprehend the power of the early church. God has destined you to move in the gifts of the Spirit with ease and ability. In this training you will learn how you can experience the fullness of God’s power by operating in the realm of the supernatural!


Discovering Your Prophetic Personalities | Increasing Words of Knowledge Saturday, November 20, 2021 8:30am-4pm

God has a personality, and He reveals Himself to us in different ways.  In this training, we will share personal stories in the prophetic and dive deep into the four prophetic personalities and the primary ways we perceive God's voice. You'll learn how to tune into God's voice and the importance of spending time with Him to grow your gifts.  This Training will also teach you how to increase your words of knowledge. Words of knowledge are our Father's way of capturing people's attention by feeling loved and known. Believers who hear the Father's heart through words of knowledge have incredible doors of opportunity to share the love of Jesus in ordinary environments!  


Compassion of Jesus | Power Evangelism

Saturday, December 11, 2021 8:30am-4pm  

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt leads believers into a supernatural lifestyle of Kingdom building. Capturing the heart of witnessing and personal evangelism through this training where healing, miracles, and deliverance are regular occurrences. Based on biblical principles and personal testimonies, you will learn how the simplicity of hearing a word of knowledge from God leads you to clues for the treasure hunt. "...Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15). Witnessing the love and saving grace of Jesus does not need to be invasive or argumentative; rather, it is a supernatural encounter when God reveals Himself in a specific way.  


Dreams, Visions & Angelic Visitations | Prophetic Painting

Saturday, January 15, 2022 8:30am-4pm   

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams" (Acts 2:17). As the Holy Spirit is poured out in great measure on the church today, we should anticipate God speaking to us through prophetic dreams, visions and angelic visitations . We will illuminate stories from scripture, give personal stories, and explain the purpose and significance of dreams in our lives. We will teach you how to interpret your dreams and visions and more. 

Also, we will encounter the Holy Spirit in a creative way. What is your word for 2022? Come and create a painting around your word for 2022.  We start with worship and then we paint as we encounter Holy Spirit among friends and family.  Only a heart of worship and child-like faith required. All you need to do is ask Holy Spirit for a single word for 2021. Wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on. All supplies will be provided. Email that SINGLE word to



Friday, February 18th (9am-9pm) - Saturday, February, 19, 2022 (9am-9pm) 

The ministry of healing is not reserved for a select few. God’s miraculous healing is part of the Good News, and you, too, can become a powerful conduit for the healing power Jesus loves to manifest. Grounded in scripture, testimonies, and practical proven steps to help you learn the ministry of healing and how to make a difference whatever God sends you.


Vanguard School of Worship

Friday, April 29th (9am-9pm) Saturday, April 30, 2022 (9am-9pm) 

This is a Supernatural Equipping Intensive focusing on Worship that Ushers in the Presence & Power of God.  Vanguard School of Worship is a worship school that provides comprehensive worship teaching on topics such as worship leading, prophetic worship, song writing, intimacy with God, character, identity, spiritual authority, shifting atmospheres, as well as providing in-depth training on how to usher in the presence of God in worship.

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