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The Leadership Development Program will consist of two in depth courses throughout the year.  

For each course, people will be placed into a virtual platform where they will have access to video and audio teachings directly from Bethel Church, Redding Ca.  Students will also  come together on campus on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm for worship, application and activation.  Outside these hours on campus, there are about 3-5 hours a week of videos, books and assignments that will be required.

Cost:  $275 | Fall Semester Course

Intro to Kingdom Culture

Start Date: Thursday, September 16, 2021 

$275 | Spring Semester Course

Becoming a Kingdom Leader

Start Date: TBA

Books & Materials are NOT Included for these Courses 


The Course offered in the Fall Semester will be Introduction into Kingdom Culture.  In This course you will: encounter God's presence, learn to recognize His voice, deepen your intimacy with Jesus, walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, discover the supernatural, cultivate a lifestyle of passionate worship, grow in your identity and experience powerful transformation.  


Becoming a Kingdom leader

The Course offered in the Spring Semester will be Becoming a Kingdom Leader. In this course you will discover keys to become a powerful, effective, and healthy leader! This one-semester online course will help you become a confident, empowering leader who knows how to build and lead a healthy Kingdom environment. 

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