Faith Testimonies

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Experiencing the Prophetic


"The Kingdom Culture Conference was really powerful!  There I received my first prophetic word!  I went to pray for someone, then got tongue twisted as I was praying and out of nowhere the lady I was praying for starts speaking a prophetic word to me! It was amazing! It changed my world in an instant! It was about me and my family being a light in our neighborhood and in our house!"

Praying for a Customer


"One of the customers who came in shared with me that she just lost her husband a few months prior. She was a Christian so we had a beautiful time of prayer in the Lord. We prayed for strongholds to be broken in the neighborhood and community."

Sharing with a Stranger


"While on an errand I met someone who asked me what church I attended. I told her all about the things I love about Vanguard and the people at Vanguard. I also told her how everyone is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and then I invited her to come on some Sunday. She shared with me what she was going through in her personal life. I believe God planned this connection because we are going through something very similar. Also, I was able to pray for her and for her 23-year-old son who lives with her. I believe we will see her at church very soon. I’m so grateful God allowed me to this opportunity to share with this woman!"